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How guava leaf tea helps sugar lover? How to drink for effective results?

Doctor Mark Sung advice

Doctor Mark Sung: In recent years, diabetes has been an important focus for me. I personally think that the problem of high blood sugar originate from “the composition of food”, or in other words, diabetes is actually a “diet disease”.

Therefore, I have been promoting the “211” food combination to help people with high blood sugar and diabetes. Diabetes can be defeated, during my patients’ s treatment, I try to use less medication, and focus on the strict 211 diet combination. Through the 211 diet ratio, the patient can reach a healthy blood sugar level.

Dr. Sung: The basic principle of the 211 diet combination is to “strictly control sugar intake.”

For example:
2 = 2 servings of vegetables, meat more than 1 serving, and less than 1 serving of cereals. If the ratio is 100%, that is equal to, 50% vegetables, more than 25% meat, and less than 25% brown rice or rice.

Doctor Mark Sung
Former Professor of School of Medicine, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan. Former Director of the Health Bureau of Taipei City Government. Obesity Specialist. Expertise: household medical, obesity, anti-aging, nutrition and metabolic medical study

211 diet combined with Teatics guava leaf tea

Teatics Guava Leaf Tea benefits: Drinking tea before and after meals can reduce sugar intake, promote blood circulation, help metabolism and improve digestion.

By following Dr. Sung’s 211 diet combination and the characteristics of guava leaf tea, this has helped many sugar lovers. Besides diabetes, friends who have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, uric acid, and too much body fat also show good results in them.

By learning from past experience, we sorted out the content and order of the three meals for reference.

Three meals: guava leaf tea with one or two eggs for breakfast, guava leaf tea and 211 combination for lunch, also guava leaf tea and 211 combination for dinner. Note: For lunch and dinner, strictly control 50% vegetables, more than 25% meat and less than 25% brown rice or rice.

Use 2-3 teabags of guava leaf tea to brew 1 liter of hot water every day. After 3-5 minutes, pour it in a water bottle and bring alongside or keep it nearby. Easy for us to drink tea before and after meals.

The order of each meal: drink guava leaf tea before meal -> eat meat -> eat vegetables -> eat rice -> drink guava leaf tea after meal.

By following the above steps can achieve the best result from guava leaf tea.

Strictly control gluttony and appetite: eat full meals, avoid snacks and sugary beverages during the rest of the time, including sugar-free barley water and dairy products. Drink guava leaf tea before and after meals. Drink more plain water when you are not eating. Water can help guava leaf tea promote blood circulation, metabolism and digestion in the body.

211 food combination is healthier choice and more balanced. Due to reducing the intake of rice and sugar, we are prone to hungry feeling at the beginning. During this time, our opportunity comes. As long as we strictly control our appetite, our body functions will switch to “relying on ourselves” mode because of your strict control. When the body function needs sugar or starch, it no longer calling you, but naturally uses the excess fat from the body to get “sugar”. Therefore, the blood will not lack of sugar, and it also converts sugar into energy using a better way and restores body functions to normal state.

211 Food Combinations and Food Classification

50% vegetables: green dragon vegetables, broccoli, asparagus, sweet potato leaves, cauliflower, watercress, spinach, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, coriander, green onions, and other leafy vegetables. Eggplant, bitter gourd, luffa, cucumber and so on. Seedling vegetables such as bean sprouts and vegetable sprouts. Oyster mushrooms, mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms. It is recommended to match vegetables of different colors as a 50% combination. Note: Sweeter fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes are not included.

More than 25% meat: fish, shrimp, chicken, and other white meat

Less than 25% starch: Most of the root type foods belong to starch, such as lotus root, sweet potatoes and other potatoes, red/white radish, etc. Most of the seeds of grasses are starches, such as rice, brown rice, maize, oats, millet, barley, and oatmeal. Processed noodles and bread are starch as well.

Good combination: 50% of the vegetable should be ​​as diverse and colorful as possible. Such as eggplant + bitter gourd + cabbage + broccoli + mushroom

Suitable: protein foods, meat and eggs

Avoid: Starch and sugar. No snacks, no sweets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink guava leaf tea if I am taking medication for three highs or insulin? After drinking guava leaf tea, do I need to continue taking medicine or injection? Who cannot drink guava leaf tea? Is there any things to avoid while drinking guava leaf tea? Can guava leaf tea lose weight? How should vegetarian or people who are underweight drink?

According to the records of “Taiwan Medicinal Plants” and “Chinese Materia Medica”, guava leaves are non-toxic and have “neutral” nature.

The neutral nature make it suitable for people who are cold or heaty. For example, cabbage, eggs, carrots, and rice are foods that are “neutral”, eating them often will not cause cold or fever, that is to say, guava leaves are mild, not cold or heaty, and suitable for men, women, young and old, as well as pregnant women.

Guava leaf tea is a tea for health purposes, it is not a medicine

The main function is to help reduce sugar absorption after meals, promote blood circulation and digestion. Therefore, guava leaf tea will not weaken the medicine and does not affect the original effect of the medicine. After taking the medicine and the injection, it can still be consumed.

Guava leaf tea is not a medicine

Guava leaf tea cannot be used as a medicine to treat certain chronic diseases. The main usage of tea is to “assist”. Friends who are taking medicine, injections or chemotherapy must still follow the doctor’s instructions to take the medicine until their health improves and the doctor confirms that they can stop taking the medicine.

Example: The blood sugar level of a friend is maintained at 15-18, and the doctor’s prescription is total 8 medicines and injecting insulin twice a day. Recently, he used Dr. Sung’s 211 diet and the recommendation of drinking guava leaf tea after meals. The blood sugar dropped from 15 to 7-8. At this time, he consulted the doctor if he could reduce the dose. After some time, the blood sugar level further improved to the range of 5-6, and then only he consult the doctor whether it is possible to skip medication and injections.

It is recommended for everyone that when you find that your blood sugar level have improved, be sure to consult a doctor, and follow doctor’s advice.

Teatics guava flower bud leaf tea

Nothing to avoid while drinking guava leaf tea

Drinking guava leaf tea does not cause side effects, and it has three very beneficial effects, such as helping reduce sugar absorption after meals. Friends with low blood sugar or low blood pressure, it is recommended to drink tea after eating some food.

Guava leaf tea also has a significant effect to blood circulation and digestion, If you have better sleep quality, increasing urine volume, less urine bubbles, and more bowel movements than before, these are all positive reflections after drinking tea. Just like tendency to urinate after drinking water, and good blood circulation will naturally make you have better sleep.

Guava leaf tea will not directly help reduce weight

Guava leaf tea contains a lot of tea polyphenols (catechins), which are natural antioxidants that help reduce fat around blood vessel, but not subcutaneous fat. Weight loss requires diet and exercise to achieve the goal.

Since guava leaf tea cannot reduce subcutaneous fat, people who are underweight can drink it. It is recommended that underweight people add food with more protein to the 211 diet combination: animal protein such as livestock meat, poultry meat, eggs, fish, shrimp, etc., to maintain weight. High-protein plants in the 211 diet combination for vegetarians: soybeans, green beans, black beans and other legumes, sesame seeds, melon seeds, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts and other plant proteins. Eat enough protein to maintain weight.

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Hi. After brewing the tea, can I keep in the fridge and drink it cold?

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Hi Kelvin, yes you can. Just try not to keep it overnight.

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一年前我的血糖是16.5后来我就运动吃supplement来控制,只是下一点点而已。后来我就看见面子书介绍番石榴叶茶就买来试一试,起初喝的时候还不能下,merryfarm老板很持意帮我,用211饮食方式来调理。所以我用了一个月的时间就调理到6.4。谢谢Merryfarm Danny的教导感恩。


星期一至五做些有氧运动,如散步。星期日若没有下雨会去走山。我曾经想放弃,因为血糖一直下不到。Danny 给我分享及鼓励,最后坚持30天左右,血糖终于下到6.4,我很开心。


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Guava leaf tea is mild, neither cold nor heaty

“Chinese Materia Medica” identifies guava leaves: neutral(mild) non-toxic. Drinking it every day will not be too cold, nor too heaty.

Teatics Guava Leaf Tea Plantation is located in Kg. Kedat, a village of orang asli, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan. Three years ago (2017) the tea farm used organic planting method and applied for organic certification. Although the organic certification is still in the review stage, the tea produced from the farm has been verified by the Malaysia Verification Bureau SIRIM to pass the “no heavy metal” and SGS 255 type of pesticides verification. No pesticides was detected.

The key ingredient of Teatics guava leaf tea is the guava flower bud

Although it is called guava leaf tea, every tea bag actually contains flower buds.

During the early day, the farm was to produce organic guava fruit. Tea was only made by the founder to cure her mother’s high blood sugar. At first, the founder wanted to produce a tea with a sweet and smooth taste, because her mother’s blood sugar level was high, she was hoping to bring health to her mother. After countless attempts, finally found that the tea with guava flower buds will become sweet and smooth, with rich and diverse nutritional value, and the effect is very good.

Guava trees without flower buds no longer bear fruit, and we no longer have guava to sell.

Now, her mother’s blood sugar level is relatively controlled, her sleep is improved and more energetic. Teatics still maintains a consistent formula, using flower buds/old leaves/young leaves and sprouts to make tea, hence most of our tea lovers can continue to enjoy a good experience on drinking the tea.

Sin Chew Daily Report

According to scientific research from China and Japan, guava leaves contain a large amount of “volatile oil” which can inhibit H1N1 virus. In the early stage of covid-19 outbreak, Malaysia carried out movement control. Everyone was worried that they would accidentally infected by the virus. During this period, people were panicked. At that period, we did not publicly promoting guava leaf tea because of the effects of guava leaf volatile oil, instead we just gave out unlimited guava leaves to the public for free.

Like most Malaysian, we do our best on what we can do. After this incident, the Sin Chew media came to interview, and our tea started to get attention. People who received the tea for free previously are still drinking our tea. This is an unexpected outcome, we are grateful for it.

Here’s the news links:
Sin Chew Daily Report

Oriental Daily Report

Since Sin Chew News reported, Teatics has received interviews from two other media, including “Agroworld” and “Oriental Daily”. The Oriental Daily has wrote in-depth on the benefits of guava leaves and tell the story on the hardships of farmers. In fact, reporters who coming to the farm for interviews in person can feel the painstaking process of picking and producing tea. Tea-making goes through at least 6 processes: picking leaves and flowers, sorting tea leaves, steeping overnight, drying and withering, sun-drying, putting into tea bags and packaging. In particular, we are praying for no rainning day within three days of drying tea, otherwise all the previous efforts will be wasted.

Fruit trees cannot grow without leaves. We have to let the guava trees rest, otherwise there will be no more healthy leaves to pick. The guava tree is a great creature. From its leaves to its fruit, it can contribute to human health. I am in awe of the tree all the time.

Here’s the news links:
Oriental Daily Report

“Send today and arrive the day after tomorrow” is the efficiency of J&T in 82% of West Malaysia

Not only that, it is opening 365 days a year, which has greatly helped the growth of e-commerce in Malaysia and is highly recommended.

We send more than one hundred parcels every day. J&T registered a business account for us and gave us a printer to print the delivery note. It is more convenient than before to generate the delivery slip. Our SOP: receive orders every day until 11pm, send a delivery note to friends who place the order that day, and deliver it to J&T the next day. 82% of the friends who order tea will receive the tea the day after tomorrow or 2 days after tomorrow. Due to weekly flights schedule, friends in East Malaysia generally receive tea within 7 working days. In contrast, J&T’s service is indeed much faster. I hope they will keep up the good work, continue to maintain this speed, and provide high-quality and efficient services.