“Teatics” is a brand co-created by Malay & Chinese, the unity and co-prosperity of Malaysian is the beginning of our business.

“Tea” stands for tea, and “tics” is coming from the word “diabetics”.  All of these started from a mother who suffering from high blood sugar.

At the beginning, her daughter was looking to produce a tea which can help her mom to fight diabetes.

After countless attempts, finally discover that the tea added with guava flower buds is the best , not just rich in nutritional value, but also taste sweet & smooth, and has significant effects on improving health condition.

Even if our farm is no longer bearing guava fruit, our tea quality definitely worth the cost!

Now, her mother’s blood sugar level is relatively controlled, her sleep is improved, and she is more energetic. Hence the name “teatics” come with a slogan: “Beyond a Tea”.

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Guava Flower

Guava flower buds are one of the key ingredients of Teatics guava leaf tea. It not only provides the sweet taste, but also makes the tea more nutritious. The guava tree no longer produces guava fruit without flowers. Therefore, each Teatics’s tea bag is very precious and healthy drink.

Guava Sprouts

The sprouts of guava tree give the tea a smoother taste and the fragrance of guava fruit. In addition, sprouts folic acid helps to promote blood circulation and reduce fat of blood vessel.

Guava young Leaf

Guava young leaves are the 4 leaves below the guava sprout, with astringent taste and rich in guava leaf catechins, which have anti-oxidant and anti-tumor effects. At the same time, it is also a key ingredient to help us reduce the absorption of sugar.

Guava old leaf

Guava old leaves refer to the 3 pairs of leaves below the young leaves. Darker green in color, and the taste is astringent and bitter. The old leaves contain a lot of guava catechins, and rich in guava volatile oil, which has the effect of antibacterial and intestinal protection. After the old leaves are steeped and withered, the tea has a rich and stronger taste. It is an indispensable ingredient of Teatics guava leaf tea.

Gift of Nature

Teatics is committed to study the taste and function of each leaf, and we share all the secret recipes and producing methods to public. Since this is the gift of nature, everyone have the rights to try. We are grateful to God for leaving this to humans. Greediness incorrect eating styles have brought many chronic diseases to people, but nature has opened a way for us to use it to relieve chronic diseases and buy time to restore a healthy life.

Teatics guava leaf tea brings strong vitality to people.

The finished product is the result of a group of people that work relentlessly behind the scenes

To make a good sip of tea, it must meet four tastes: fragrant, sweet, bitter, and astringent. Result from: screening, drying tea, grinding processes and cooperation from unpredictable weather.

Grind Into Tea

Grinding into powder makes the tea taste stronger

The roasted old leaves, young leaves, sprouts and flower buds are ground according to the requirements of fine, medium and coarse. It is packed into small tea bags in accordance with the teatics’s ratio.

Thinner Teabag

The tea bag paper made from sugarcane fiber is having the same grade as the “L” brand. It is as thin as a wing, easy for the taste to penetrate and safe.


1 box of RM45 = 45 tea bags.
Postal fee: West Malaysia RM5, East Malaysia RM10. #Drink 2-3 tea bags a day, enough for about 15 days

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2 boxes of RM90 = 90 tea bags.
West Malaysia free shipping, East Malaysia RM5. #Drink 2-3 tea bags a day, enough for about 1.5 months

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4 boxes get 1 box RM180.00.
Free shipping nationwide #Free 1 box is equal to 45 teabags, drinking time becomes longer, save more

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